Dental patients with aesthetic concerns can address these conditions through cosmetic dentistry. Local dentists provide a variety of service to enable the patients to improve their smiles. These services include standard cosmetic options that are acquired to correct the way the teeth look. The following are details about the type of cosmetic dental services that are available.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are available to patients to address stubborn stains. The treatments involve the application of professional-grade peroxide to each tooth to break down these stains. The dentist will begin by applying a protective barrier over the gums to prevent irritation. Once the peroxide solution is applied, the dentist applies an ultraviolet lamp to maximize the whitening effects. Most patients achieve maximum results on the first visit. However, some patients may need additional treatments.

Installing Veneers for Correction

Veneers are thin plastic devices used to correct conditions affecting the way the teeth look. They are used to cover discoloration that isn’t corrected through teeth whitening. They are also utilized to correct simple alignment issues. Patients with these conditions can acquire a perfected smile in one dental visit.

Installing Crowns and Correcting the Smile

Cosmetic dentists also install crowns to correct the smile. They are used to make the smile more proportionate and blend in better with surrounding teeth. They also present a protective barrier for teeth that were damaged previously. Dentists use these devices after root canal surgery as well to provide more protection.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth quickly. Unlike most replacement options, they won’t fall out of the patient’s mouth. They look exactly like the natural teeth. They don’t present the same drawbacks as dentures and don’t require the patient to use any adhesives. They are installed permanently into the jawbone.

Dental patients can address aesthetic concerns quickly. Local dental professionals present patients with a wide variety of solutions for these concerns. They range from teeth whitening options to the installation of implants to replace missing teeth. Each procedure provides stellar results and amazing benefits. Patients who wish to acquire cosmetic services contact Dr. Paul Metz for more information today.